Money Goal Setting.

Money goal setting and money goal attraction; whether you love money, or oddly some claim to hate it, you just cannot manage without it. Some get so caught up on the “money is the route of all evil” nonsense, when they have not even got the quote correct in the first place. There are all kinds of great evils in the world which have nothing at all to do with money.

Money can just as easily make the world a better place. In hard times when money is in short supply, the lack of money can bring hardship, crime and all kinds of unwanted anti social goings on. Some should maybe rethink the money issue through a little bit more evenly and open minded and drop the negative viewpoint on money as being evil.

Think ahead to how much money you would like to have in the future, near future or that retirement date that is still some time off yet. Then think “what am I going to give in order to receive?” That is how it works, if you want life to be generous with you, then you must be also generous in return. Your generosity to life is in the service that you will bring to others.

Give – receive
Service – money.

Set your money goal and then think just what service you can offer life to receive that money. Then go to work on your visualisation and goal attraction and set your dominate thoughts on your future happiness and prosperity in honest giving of service.

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