Monthly goal setting May 2011


Thousands of people read over these pages each month because of my advice on goals setting and staying positive. At the start of each month I often like to write a piece on reviewing your own goals progress and resetting or setting another goal, whichever is the case for you.

So have you reviewed your recent progress and if so how far have you come in this last month? Then you think it over what can you learn from your recent efforts? Did you keep your goal amongst your dominant thoughts? Or did you allow distraction to take your mind elsewhere? How positive have you been? If your positivity slipped from time to time, did you have methods to get back to being positive again quickly?

Whatever has happened today is the start of a brand new month, so yes learn from the past and never be imprisoned by the past in some negative way. Always strive to maintain your positive mental attitude. If you have reached some recent goal then today is a good day to consider setting a new one or if you are still working toward some original goal then whichever it is, go for it.

We set a verity of goals because often our bigger goals are made up of a number of smaller goals. In fact it is a good idea to set various types of goals and of different sizes of goal and also to remember that life is made up of many journeys not just one big thing that you are perusing.

So have a great May 2011, work on staying positive and happy. Set goals and strive to reach them, but do it in a way that allows you to enjoy your life’s journey, because it is the journey that matters.

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