Morecombe and Wise


On UK television last night there was a wonderful program about the early career of Morecombe and Wise, with Victoria Wood playing Eric’s Mom. Morecombe and Wise are two of the UK’s best loved comedians and millions have watched them on TV. But they were not a big hit at the end of their very first TV series, in fact one newspaper wrote; TV as “the box in which they buried Morecambe and Wise“. This was due to the fact that they did not use their own material and listened to other people, instead of sticking to what they both knew would work well. Beware of watering down your skills and talents down to conform to what other people would like you to be. If they had listened to their critics the world would be the poorer for it, but they did not and believing in themselves kept on and give us some of the best TV comedy that will be watched for a long time to come.

Tony Brassington.

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