My Ford Granada Ghia goal.


At around the age of 13, I was taking my dreams and turning them into goals. I was using all kinds of goal setting techniques long before I had ever formally heard anything about such things.

One of my goals back then was about buying my first car. I had chosen a car that would reflect my up and coming expected prosperity. It was very high on my goals list at that time in the late seventies, early eighties. I was planning to buy a brand new MK2 Ford Granada ghia 2.8, metallic gold, vinyl roof, alloy wheels; which were a pretty new thing back then. And a factory fitted radio cassette player with FM, Oh it really caught my eye back then in my youth, with its cloth seats, chrome along the front of the bonnet. That would be the car for me!

The day finally came to collect my first car and let me tell you a very surprising thing about my first car. It was no Ford Granada ghia, but some clapped out old rust bucket with more miles on the clock than the “Star Ship Enterprise.” Now do not get me wrong, it was, even so a great old car, but it was not the Ford Granada ghia; the two cars were worlds apart. So what went wrong? How did that goal that was so very important to me back then get away from me? This is a question, which I have often asked myself.

Despite very passionate goal setting, the Granada ghia goal got away from me at that time. I have thought about this dream / goal getting away from me so many times over the years and why it happened. Well in your late teens and early twenties you are on a massive learning curve, which is hard at the time for a young person to admit, being full of the optimism of youth. A second point is distractions; you see the trick with goals is to keep them dominant in your thoughts and to not let the distractions of the day take your dreams away. But in this time in a young person’s life, there were many distractions. To name a few –

Money in your pocket – big distraction.

Going out every night with a busy social life – big distraction

Getting used to the working day and environment – Big distraction.

So that dream and a few others drifted away from me at that time. But recently I have put, my ford Granada ghia back on my Goals list, Oh I admit it’s not very high on my goal list, but its back on that list, because it never should have been allowed to drift away from me! Because when I let that dream drift away, I allowed other dreams to drift away at that time. Letting those other dreams drift away from me back then had a much higher cost than just the car I drove.

• I challenge you to look to your dreams and goals, then ask yourself, which have you allowed to drift away?

• I challenge you to ask yourself and admit to yourself, what was the real cost of letting those dreams drift away?

Do not let your dreams drift away. See them in your mind as a real future, a picture or a mental movie.
Do not let your dreams drift away. See them on pictures around your home or place of work.
Do not let your dreams drift away, use affirmations to keep them in your mind.
Believe in your dreams, expect your dreams, chase your dreams and live your dreams. Do not let your dreams drift away.

How long should your dreams last? If needs be peruse them until you’re dying day. You should peruse them each and every day. Do not let them simply drift away and do not let the distractions of day to day life let them get away.

You see my Ford Granada ghia is now a classic car and as so will only get limited use, but by getting it, I can then say that -“I did, just what I always said I would do” now isn’t that something to be able to say?

Another reason for bringing this story up is, at this moment in time, someone somewhere is driving my Ford Granada ghia for me, so consider this – who’s got your dream right now? Who’s got your car, your career, your money, or whatever your dreams may be about, right now? Because if it is not you, then you have allowed someone else by default, to claim your dream or goal instead of you.


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