My goal for today; good communication skills.

Today I am going to a Toastmasters International speech contest and I have one of the presentation roles for the day. My goal for today is to work hard on my communications skills. Firstly when meeting and greeting people. If I know someone’s first name I must be sure to use it, smile and make good eye contact with them, a firm handshake and show interest and enthusiasm in the conversation.

My goal today of using good communication skills, means not just talking, but the ability to listen well to the other person also. When I speak to the audience, I must adopt a good posture, use good gestures and movement, subtle and appropriate humour must be used, trying all the time to be interesting and entertaining in my presentation.

Why set a goal like this for today? This is so important for us all to continually work on improving our communication skills and not to take them for granted. In every area of life we will need the help and cooperation of other people, not just to succeed in our bigger aims and goals, but for our general quality of life. For friendship and respect, to be able to seek advice from others and a whole host of other reasons, we all need to work on our communication skills continually.

So maybe reflect on some of your recent interactions with other people, are there things that you could have done better? We all know when we are on the receiving end of a poor communicator, someone rude, inconsiderate, self obsessed, or just short of conversation, whatever it may be; that it is no fun.

Maybe it would make a good goal for each day to work on those good communication skills.

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