New Year’s Day 2012, wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year.



New Year’s Day should be called Amateur Goal Setting Day

New Year’s Day should be called Amateur Goal Setting Day because although a goal and a New Year’s Resolution would in theory appear to be very similar, the results of the two are entirely different. Very famously, New Year Resolutions are rarely achieved. In fact most people forget them within a few days of setting them, only a small number of New Year Resolutions will outlast January, but saying that someone somewhere must successfully set and achieve their New Year Resolutions year upon year, but I certainly have never met that person.

If you would look up the word resolution in a dictionary you would find it to be a strong, powerful word, which means that you are seriously planning with resolve to do something. ‘Resolve’ or ‘resolution’ are words that mean business on any other day of the year, but on New Year’s Day these words appear to lose all their power and meaning, why is this? It is because of the many distractions we all face each day. Our minds can only truly give full attention to one thought at a time, although we may be aware of the next thought trying to get that top spot in our minds. In the average day countless distractions will compete for your attention and most of these distractions would like your full attention. Think of it this way; the distractions of the day will take your dreams away unless you have total focus that only goals can offer.

Set goals not resolutions, that is the best way to reach a result of your choosing. Why not this year turn your New Year’s Resolution into a goal instead? On my website, in my book and on my training courses I talk and write about goal attraction. Goal attraction is the ability to return your mind back to your goals, despite all of the distractions of the day. Good goal setting offers many different forms of goal attraction, for example; affirmations, meditation and visual prompts, all of which work well on their own or any mixture of goal attraction methods together. Why do we need to be able to return our minds back to our chosen goal? Because if one thing is true of the human condition, it’s this; “we will become what we think about”. Countless quotes all through history from philosophers, gurus, great thinkers and people with a wealth of life experience can be quoted as saying “we will become what we think about” or words to that effect. New Year Resolutions will slip from the mind, but goals that also make good use of goal attraction methods, together with a positive ‘can do’ attitude, will lead to you achieving results.

I have some good news for you, next time you ask of yourself “When will my ship come in?” The good news is that, your ship has been here all along. Everything that you need in order to reach your chosen success has been close to hand all along. When your mind becomes totally focused on a chosen goal, you will then see everything that you will need for your journey and the path ahead of you will open up.

As Russ Conwell the author of ‘Acres of Diamonds’, put it –

“Many of us spend our whole lives searching for success when it is usually so close that we can reach out and touch it”

If you want 2012 to be different for you from the years before it, set carefully chosen goals, be a truly positive person, move outside your comfort zone, take action, believe that nothing can stop you from reaching your goal, read the books, go on the seminars and courses, then use goal attraction and make it all happen for you in 2012.

Do not let it be yet another Amateur Goal Setting Day this year, if you really do want something, set a goal instead and not a News Years Resolution.

Tony Brassington.

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