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This image is a close up taken from the cover of my latest book, The Carpenters Music Survey, which is now available from Amazon. The book is a fascinating read for any Carpenters fan.


The Carpenters Music Survey


The Carpenters Music Survey



My latest book has just been published. In the Carpenters 50th anniversary year, I conducted, The Carpenters Music Survey. This survey reached many clear conclusions and discovered a few surprises too. Above all, this book makes fascinating reading for anyone that enjoys listening to the Carpenters Music.


Telford Tedx 2019 – All Speakers and Videos

Click on the link to see all fourteen videos from the 2019 Tedx Telford event, on the theme of WHATS NEXT; fourteen fantastic, thought provoking talks, full of ideas which are well worth sharing.

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  1. Bev Hepting … It’s OK – I’m not a robot, yet.


  1. Paul Crick … Next Level Leadership – A Return To Self.


  1. Claire Wilson … Is neuroception a crucial missing piece in our children’s mental health crisis?


  1. Katie Woodland … Entrepreneurship as the silver bullet in the increasing mental health crisis.


  1. Matthew Tolley … How to reduce your Carbon Footprint by 80%.


  1. Scott McArthur … Who is paying for your attention?


  1. Tony Brassington … What can we learn from Easter Island?


  1. Emma Roscoe … Who you choose to become.


  1. Bret Freeman … Mind Control


  1. Craig McVoy … Brand Loyalty: It’s Just a Matter of Time.


  1. Hollie Whittles … If music is the fuel of business, play on!


  1. Antionette Dale Henderson … What next? The new power dynamic


  1. Merisha Stevenson … Make Your Story Pay









What we can learn from Easter Island | Tony Brassington | TEDxTelford



Karen Carpenter Solo Album


The Carpenters Music Survey

I have put together a short survey relating to the Carpenters. Since writing my first book about the Carpenters, The Carpenters – My Reflections, I have gained an even greater appreciation of just how much the Carpenters still mean to so many people, as their very special and unique sound continues to be enjoyed as much today as ever before.

The short survey in the link below will I believe, produce a fascinating glimpse into what people still think about the Carpenters today and what their music still means to them.

This survey will form the base material for a book which is certain to prove to be very interesting.

Click here for the Carpenters survey


Have you ever stopped to think how you might describe Karen Carpenters voice?


Tony Brassington a Q&A session after a speach



White Horses Live forever

Five years ago, Brona worked in the city of Bath as a coach tour guide for Bath Elite Travel. Now a coach tour visiting the many chalk white horses in Wiltshire has gone horribly wrong, and Brona has been asked to return to her old job to help sort out this emergency situation, and prevent it from escalating further. Brona quickly discovers that all the problems on this coach tour have been caused by Mrs Onions, a very mean, nasty and disruptive person. Mrs Onions dislikes Brona from the start and it isn’t long before Brona’s people skills are tested to the limits. In the past five years, Brona’s life has been very challenging, when she was left to sort out a big financial mess, not of her own making. She was forced to do a few things that she is not very proud of in order to get her life back on track. Now Brona has a past that she wants to keep secret so she can make a new start in life. Unfortunately for Brona, Mrs Onions has quite well developed people-reading skills, allowing her to see right through Brona and her secrets, and Mrs Onions wastes little time before using it against her. Can Brona handle Mrs Onions when others have been torn apart by her? Can she keep her secrets and make a new start, and even find new love too, or is she now doomed to be held back by her unsavoury past?