2016 New Year’s Resolutions

2016 Mind and AchievementI wish you every success in 2016. Please share this picture on your social media throughout 2016, it is a good reminder that each day we must set the mind for achievement.

Tony Brassington I wish you



The very first WAKE UP AND LIVE event will soon take place.

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Wake up and Live

Discover your True Potential to Achieve.

Do you want to be more successful?

Do you want a more enjoyable and rewarding life?

At his monthly WAKE UP AND LIVE events, Tony Brassington, through his business Mind and Achievement, will challenge you to shake up your thinking and encourage you to think differently about your potential to achieve the things you want in life than you ever did before. He will bring you to the realisation of your true potential and inspire you to set your mind to reach any achievement of your choosing over time.

Thought The life that we each live is a reflection of our thoughts. Thoughts are a creative force, but by holding tightly to thoughts and beliefs that are limiting, then life cannot exceed those limits. Is it time to shake up your thinking?

Potential to achieve Without a clear understanding of the true potential every human being has, how can you achieve your full potential?

Tony Brassington is an expert in the field of setting the mind for achievement. He is a successful author of several books, and an active public speaker and coach. Tony has also worked with a number of leading experts in the personal development industry.

As a bonus

There will also be a guest speaker at each event, speaking on a complementary topic.

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Want to run workshops or seminars, but don’t know where to Start? The next step

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I have written another book and I have another workshop to offer. (Please note I only present this workshop once or twice a year.) The workshop is called ‘The Next Step Workshop’. Why did I write a book about filling workshops and seminars? I wrote this book because I saw a real need for a book like this. I believe too many of the books on this subject rush ahead too quickly, and skip over the most important parts of the process. Also, many people over the years have been asking me, “How do I run events like you do?” I’ve also observed far too many people missing the first, and ultimately, the most important steps of the journey. How can you hope to fill your events if you have not thoroughly identified your audience’s needs? And equally important, is to take the time to thoroughly identify your specialist skills and knowledge, in order to fulfil those needs.

When I put together my first ‘Next Step Workshop’, I thought about the time when I first started in this business, and the many people I have seen try to break into this industry since. Although there are many comprehensive books and seminars, all trying to sell the fairy-tale of becoming a great speaker and filling events with ease, most of the people I have seen taking this route usually do not get very far, even after reading a number of the big books on the subject or attending expensive training days. In the true spirit of my Mind and Achievement business, I am about achieving lasting results. I let others sell the fairy tale…. I deal in results!

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The NEXT STEP workshop


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Last night, my NEXT STEP WORKSHOP had its first audience. The NEXT STEP is aimed at people who want to be professional speakers or run workshops, but can’t find their way forward toward realising that dream. I started off the presentation with my classic Parallel lines intro, from my Mind and Achievement course, which always goes down well and gets people thinking right from the start. All in all, it was a good event, with more to come soon.





Tony Brassington 23

Do you really want to achieve it?

Do you really want to succeed?

Do you really want to attract the best that life can offer?

Tony Brassington Mind and Achievement

Be honest with yourself. Are you ready for the task ahead, the task of achieving all your dreams and goals?

So many dive in, ill-prepared and meet with disappointment. Ultimately, they give up disheartened, never to try again.

Many people keep doing the same things over and over again in life, which leads to the same disappointing results as before. New Year’s Resolutions are an excellent example of this.

We are now in the second quarter of 2014. If you’re are like the average person, then your New Year’s Resolutions will have fallen by the wayside by now.

Below is an extract from my free report FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT which explains the real reason why so many fail to achieve their New Year’s Resolutions.

From mind to achievement 2

The real reason that most NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS fail.

There must be some people that successfully achieve their New Year’s resolutions each year, but famously the vast majority do not. New Year’s resolutions are as easy as running a long way up a steep hill, rowing upstream in a fast moving river, or holding the tide back. Why are they so hard to achieve? Every year we are given a wide variety of good reasons as to why so many people fail to achieve their New Year’s resolutions; many of these reasons are very valid too, but the REAL reason that will always make New Year’s resolutions hard work, is never mentioned at all.

We humans share our existence and experience of this planet with all the other forms of life on Earth. Now there are natural laws of nature that keep things in check, and we are as answerable to these laws as any other form of life on Earth.

Think of the four seasons –

They are always in that order, even if the spring starts in different months in some parts of the world.

First comes spring – a time of new growth and expansion.

Then summer – everything is in the full swing of life.

Autumn – it all starts to slow down and die back, as it becomes time to prepare for the winter that will surely come.

Winter – a resting period. For example a tree is resting; it’s not producing leaves or growing new roots or branches, as it waits for spring to bring forth new life again. An evergreen tree may be green in winter, but it is also at rest. Even the soil is at rest. The soil is waiting for spring to bring forth new life again. Many animals hibernate in the winter. Birds fly to warmer climates to return in the spring.

When do we set New Year’s resolutions? – WINTER! In the UK that’s a few days after the winter solstice, the shortest day in the year.

What do we want, in essence, from a New Year’s resolution? We want something NEW. We want GROWTH, a new ideal personal weight, a new goal achieved, a new ideal to live by, to give up smoking and have clean new air to breath. When do new things come in nature – SPRING TIME!

New Year’s resolutions are very hard to achieve, to the point of being almost impossible, because we are fighting against nature. Because we live amongst so much concrete, steel and tarmac we have lost sight of the seasons and our place within them. The Native American Indian believed that February and March were the worst months for energy. They called these months, THE WEAK MONTHS; yet, that is just when we are supposed to be going the extra mile with our New Year’s resolutions.

We must understand the natural laws of success if we are going to achieve what we set our minds on, and then we can achieve it with ease.

So the very best New Year’s resolution you can possibly set is –

From mind to achievement 2

Contained within those few paragraphs above is a big lesson for those who will accept it. The real point which I am making is not one about how to achieve your New Year’s Resolutions, rather –


Assuming you do want to get the best from life, then you must learn the rules of the game thoroughly before you start. New Year’s Resolutions are just one example of just how out of touch we have become with nature, as well as with the spiritual and universal laws which govern all things.

Do you really want to achieve it? Do you really want to attract the best that life can offer? Can you set your mind for achievement and reach it over time?

I can help you to find the missing parts of the puzzle, which may well have eluded you for some time and these missing pieces probably have been holding you back for a long time. I can show you a wide variety of tools, techniques and thought processes, all aimed at setting your mind for achievement.

In short, I can show you how to set your mind for achievement and reach it over time. When you thoroughly know the rules of the game, then you will feel as if you have won before you even start. Think what that is worth to you.

Tony Brassington I wish you





Do you seriously want to reach your dreams and goals?
If so, this blog may well be the most important one that you will ever read.
This article can lead the way to success, prosperity, opportunity, and abundance of all kinds, for those that truly seek it.

Do you want more from life?

Do you have dreams that have not yet come true for you?

Have you set yourself goals, but they still remain elusive no matter how hard you try?

Do you feel tired of trying, as if all your best efforts appear to lead you nowhere?

You may even be someone still full of the drive and determination to press forward until you reach your dream or goal, no matter how much life appears to throw in your path to prevent you from succeeding.

Or maybe you would just like to know – Why is it that only a few people appear to get all that they want in life? What do they know and do that the rest do not? (A very good question.)

Does that sound like you? Then I have some good news –

I am very happy to give away for free some of the best success information available.

In my free report……… FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT.

For a free PDF copy of FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT go to –

You are first and foremost an individual. You were not put on this Earth just to pay the bills. You were not put on this Earth to do just what everyone around you thinks you should do. You were not put on this Earth to struggle and work yourself into an early grave. You were not put on this Earth to go without- too many think that the only way to have some small luxuries in life is to run up credit card bills that they actually cannot pay. You were definitely not put on this Earth to be unhappy – not at all.

I know why you were put upon this Earth!
You were put upon this Earth to CREATE and EXPERIENCE.
Create an amazing wonderful life full of abundance and rich rewarding experiences.

What is the biggest question that mankind asks? Now according to Douglas Adams the writer of ‘The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, the ultimate question is “What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything’ and the answer is 42 according to Douglas. Many will tell you that “What is the meaning of life” is the single biggest question of mankind and this appears to be true for very many of us. Do you know what the next biggest question is? It’s – “When will my ship come in?” This may be put many different ways, for example – When will things improve, when will I be happy, when will things change? This might surprise you, but these two questions of “What is the meaning of life” and “When will my ship come in” are linked and not by the number 42. Our purpose with our time on Earth is to create many different things and experiences in life, not just for ourselves, but for others too. So what do I mean? Let’s take a look at the word created first. The human race was given the gift of being the masters of this Earth. We were all given a body and mind equal to the task of running things and as a result mankind has created, shaped and controlled this world as we see fit. The thing that just about everyone misses is that we are all creators! Somehow we have lost sight of this wonderful skill and ability that we all have, and for some very odd reason most people prefer to leave creation to others. With correct use of our minds, set for any achievement of our choosing, everyone is capable of achieving almost anything that they could want. Why do I say almost anything? Well know this – fight against nature or the natural laws of success and you will lose. Apart from that point, it is truly amazing what an individual can create, given time. Anyone can create – prosperity, happiness, friendships and a long list of similar things. Anyone can take a dream and turn it into a goal and then create an amazing final achievement from that dream. The point that I want to make is this, that we should all be creating amazing lives full of many wonderful and rewarding things; a life of true abundance and many wonderful experiences. Happy and abundant lives are available to all that would seek them. This gift of creation works both ways; we can create the very best in our lives or leave it to chance and fate which will usually lead nowhere and more often than not actually work against us.
To sum it up – We can choose to create a life of incredible experiences of our own choosing. If we so wish.

A big part of true success is actually helping others.
Also if we find a way to help others at the same time, or create the kind of abundance that will also enrich the lives of others in some way, it will make getting what you want come more easily. Notice how often you hear a very successful person say “It’s nice to give something back”. True prosperity and abundance is not selfish. Thoughtless greed, dishonesty and selfishness lead to all kinds of loss for those that live that way.

From Mind – To Achievement
Attached to this email is my free report FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT. It contains so much free information that can help you to achieve all that you seek. Imagine all that you could achieve with the right knowledge at your disposal.
For too long I have seen so many fail or give up, beaten by the rat race, beaten by a lack of success knowledge; knowledge that everyone should possess by now. They are beaten by self doubt or a lack of self belief. But worst of all, is the fact that the vast majority of the population are beaten by following the crowd; the crowd knows nothing! And to follow the crowd is folly.
I planned to write a report of around 20 to 25 pages, but I got on such a good flow when I was writing it, wanting the reader to gain as much as possible, that I became carried away and wrote 40 pages. Many of my colleagues tell me that I have put too much useful content into it and that they would have charged a hefty price for parting with so much information. But as I see it, I’m in the business of helping people to achieve more. For too long, so many have settled for second best, letting their hopes and dreams die and pass them by. I for one want to see things change, so yes I am very happy to give away some of the most important success information or maybe it would be better to say success facts.

You do not have to live a life of watching others win. It does not have to be that way. That you spend all your life watching other people get all that they seek in life, while you have to accept that you cannot have your dreams. Also, it is not true that you will always fail when you try to achieve all that you seek. I can help you to achieve what you seek. I am not going to tell you that you will have it all tomorrow or help to fill your head with theories of no real value, but I can and will help you to get on the right path to achieve all that you seek. I can show you how to set your mind for achievement and to reach it over time. I have written this wonderful free report FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT and it is cram packed with some of the very best success information available to help you succeed. The information in this report is of enormous benefit to people of all ages, people from all walks of life, from the person just starting out, to the person that is well seasoned.

For a free PDF copy of FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT go to –

Why read this report?
This report will show you how to set your mind for achievement and apply goal attraction to then draw your dreams and goals towards you. The report will outline how with a calm and clear mind that is set for achievement you can reach the confident belief of knowing –

That you have won before you even start.
Just imagine all that you could achieve with a mindset like that?

I have written this report avoiding complicated words, jargon and terms. I want the content of this report to be accessible to people from all walks of life all around the world. Also the information within this report is of great benefit to people of all ages; it is never too late and you’re never too old. I have written this report that way so that as many people as possible can benefit from reading it. (Feel free to share this report with others to help me do that.)

Let me ask you a question – WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT IN LIFE?
So many people have forgotten to ask themselves that question, or worse still, they think that they have asked it a long time ago and now the answer is out of date.
It is probably one of the most important questions an individual can ask. Yet the majority of people will not ask it or give themselves a strictly truthful answer. What do I mean by truthful answer? Beliefs get in the way of the truth. Well an example might be; believing that you cannot do something, believing that it is too late for success and achievement, believing that you must stand aside for others, believing that the task is too difficult or thinking that I have most of what I want – so just like the title of the song they think that ‘two out of three ain’t bad’ and forget the rest.
So pause for a moment and really ask yourself that question –
Think back to all that you wanted in the past, your dreams are a big clue here. Some will tell you that they do not know what they want, but I think that you will find if you choose to take it in, that certain thoughts keep coming into your mind, probably even on daily basis. These thoughts you choose not to believe in and brush them aside. Amongst these thoughts are things that if you were true to yourself, you would pursue. Maybe another good question to ask yourself is – WAS IT JUST A DREAM?
Many are very happy climbing the corporate ladder, happy with their place within the machine, but even if that is true for you, again the question of – what do I really want? Still applies to you. Never forget that you are first and foremost an individual.
Below is a message from my friend and colleague Catalina Thiersen, she sent to me after reading this report and wanted me to share with others.

Now I have a huge statement about this report and your teachings.

What I really like about this report and Tony’s teachings, and what really hits home to me is the fact that Tony points something out that no one ever highlights. Something that escapes most of us for a long time. We are all brought up to believe that we have to work hard and invest yourself in your job. For a good many amongst us we are told to always exceed expectations and that this is the way forward. Tony shows us that by working hard for someone else you are failing for yourself! That is a HUGE lesson.

The Toltec teaches to always do your best, and this you should always do, but what a lot of us do is more than our best and this leaves us exceeding expectations and exhausted, too exhausted to invest in ourselves and develop our own dreams and goals. If you are going to exceed anyone’s expectation, let it be your own.
Catalina Thiersen

Catalina is absolutely right –
If you are going to exceed anyone’s expectation, let it be your own.

For a free PDF copy of FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT go to –

We all want to be happy, that is the one thing that we all truly want, yet too many of us are not anywhere near as happy as we could be. This report will draw you to a wide variety of very valid ideas all aimed at helping the reader to achieve more and to achieve it in a calm, relaxed, and positive way. What does that amount to? Being happy. Happiness is the one thing that we all claim to want, yet so many are getting upset and frustrated that they cannot reach their dreams and goals. Worst still too many give up all together on what they truly want, because the game of success appears too complicated for them to be able to figure out.

When you truly understand how to set your mind for achievement then the struggle is over. Reaching your dreams and goals should be a pleasure, as you enjoy the process of attracting all that you want in life, and it can be. Yet at the moment only a few enjoy the process, the rest fail to understand the process or lack the will to seek what they would claim to want in life.

I have not got time to read this report, you may say! ………Well maybe not, but if you don’t take the time to read it, then you will have plenty of time to help other people get all that they want instead – in fact a whole life time of it. Time will go by whether you pursue all that you truly want or whether you spend each and every day helping others to get all that they want; which is exactly what you will be doing if you do not define and pursue your own future. We have always been told that one thing makes mankind different from the other animals and that is the way we think. WE HAVE CHOICE. I actually think that many animals also have more thinking abilities than we give them credit for. For example I know that my dog has imagination! My dog often comes up to me an hour before his next meal is due and imagines that if he begs I will feed him early. Also a dog clearly appears to us to have dreams. We have all seen a dog getting a bit upset whilst having bad dream. If a dog can dream, then clearly it has imagination. But it is mankind that has the real ability to use imagination and apply it to the world around us and make great changes. The point is that it is time to start to imagine how you will use the time ahead of you in a way that is most in line with all that you truly want.

If you really want to succeed, then you are now in the right place.
I could have started writing this piece by saying “Look at me, I have done this and I have done that”. I could very easily write a long list of things that I have achieved, and many success teachers would start with that kind of list. But for me, my real learning curve came from the countless times in the distant past when things did not go my way. I would then have to try to think through what went wrong each time and learn from it. The problem was that the years were going by and the results felt as far away as ever. I had the drive and determination to keep on, but many do not. How many times can you ‘get back on your horse’ as they say? It took me years to find out all that I needed to know, yet at any time someone could have taken me to one side and said, “You need to do this” or “That has worked for thousands of years for the people that know about it”, or “I recommend that you read a certain book and it will all become clear and easy”, but a person like that never appeared to be around for me, when I needed some good success advice years back. The only advice I received was from other people who could not get all that they wanted. Oddly, these people will give you tons of advice. When they really ought to go out and get some new knowledge about the things that really work first before advising others. But that is the way the world is.
I was in the end very, very lucky. Because almost by chance one day, I bought my first personal development audio book to make the day pass better as I drove. It did not change my life that day, that week or even in the following months, but when I look back now, I can clearly see that it was a life changing day for me and I have never looked back since. Over the years I have studied the subjects of personal development / self help / human potential in more depth than many of the so called experts.

When you read this report it will show you –

How anyone could develop so much belief in their bright new future that it begins to feel easy as they develop a relaxed and confident mindset.

 This report will show you how you can be happy in the pursuit of your dreams and goals, instead of letting the task wear you down.

 Goal Attraction – if you truly do want to pursue your dreams and goals, you will be far more effective at reaching them when you understand about Goal Attraction.

 This report points out why so many people fail, and gives percentages for winning or losing.

This report points out what to do to tip the balance in your favour of achievement.

The real reason why New Year’s Resolutions do not work. In amongst this report is something very important that you should know about why New Year’s Resolutions fail…………… is not just interesting, but a really valid point. A point that most people will never have considered at all. Also it is a point with a much wider meaning when you understand it.

 In short this report will show you how to take an idea in your head (a dream) and explain the process of arriving at the end result of your choosing. Just like the name of the report suggests – FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT. And that is definitely something worth noting!

For a free PDF copy of FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT go to –

You will notice that there is a long list of recommendations at the end of the report. These are from people that have read the report or one of my other works or have heard my public speaking, or seen me at one of my increasingly popular Mind and Achievement seminars. These people understand just what Tony Brassington – Mind and Achievement Ltd is all about and that is only a sample of the growing list of recommendation that I receive. Yet it is always good to receive a new recommendation or a thank you letter; it reminds me that I am right on course with my work and helping people to succeed.

Read it and pass it on
I urge you to read this report and to pass it on to anyone that you feel would benefit or enjoy from reading it. I am certain that you will enjoy this report and get a lot out of reading it. The real truth that most people miss in life is that almost anything is possible when a person sets their mind for achievement. You can attract prosperity, success, happiness, even the right soul mate, to name only a few dreams that people have made come true by setting their mind for achievement.
It is time to start making your dreams and goals come to life.
They say to me “Tony you’re all about goal setting” well that is true to a point, but what I am really about is reaching and achieving goals. That’s a whole world of difference.

We are of nature and nature is ever creating the new. Nature wants to create more and more variety and diversity; never standing still. Yet all too often we humans want to stand still. For some reason many are actually planning to stand still, stay in one place and remain the same for a lifetime; this is against nature’s way.

It is time to move.
It is time to create and experience.

I have always believed that a person’s life can change beyond all recognition in a very short space of time no matter how many times you may have failed in the past or things have not gone to plan.
It has often been said that when you truly set your mind on success, the right people, places, events and all the synchronicity needed will show up to help you on your way. Many people believe this to be true, so what you are reading now and by attending my seminar, may very well be part of the right people, places and events for your journey.

I wish you every success.
Tony Brassington

Mind and Achievement Ltd


You can set your mind for achievement and reach it over time.

For a free PDF copy of FROM MIND – TO ACHIEVEMENT go to –


Tony Brassington / Mind and Achievement

Tony Brassington /  Mind and Achievement, shares in his work a wide range of achievement ideas, concepts, success processes and philosophies for the benefit of those that will accept and apply them, helping them to then gain more success, abundance, achievement and true happiness in all areas of life.

In short – I can show you how to set you mind for achievement and reach it overtime.


Is the glass half full or half empty?

Is the glass half full or half empty?…………..The real thing to realise is, that it is your glass, if you drink it dry and wait, expecting someone else to fill it for you and with something that you like; then you may be in for a long wait. At any time you can choose to refill your glass and with anything that you could possibly want to have in it. So the real question is – is it time for me to fill my glass?


Your mind is like a garden.


Your mind is like a garden,

Your thoughts are the seeds,

You can grow flowers,

Or you can grow weeds.

Unknown Author




The Caged bird

The caged bird is a wonder to see and to hear. So wonderful it is to get up so close and to see first-hand its natural beauty; beauty that it would normally keep far from our sight, if it were in its natural and free environment. Also it is good thing for a person to care for a little creature and keep it in good health.

The caged bird is happy or at least appears to be. Water, food, warmth, it wants for nothing, no need to hunt or to gather; a life of apparent ease.

We all sometimes think about the caged bird, despite its every need been taken care of, surly the bird would want to be free if it had a choice. Birds are meant to soar and fly; the warmth of the sun, the birdsong of other birds must be so inviting. Some may even have become aware of the cage door and given some thought to escaping.

Are we in some ways very much like the caged bird? Mankind was made also to soar and the fly, yet in our own way. We were not meant to be caged, restricted and held back. We were not meant to only eat, drink, sleep and keep warm, but to actively engage with life. We were put on this earth to grow and expand in a vast variety of ways, skills, knowledge, character, experiences and to ever improve at helping and interacting with others for the greater good of all.

We are not caged birds; no one keeps our cage door closed other than ourselves. We are meant to soar and fly; so are you a caged bird?

Tony Brassington.