When you work only for yourself, or for your own personal gain, your
mind will seldom rise above the limitations of an undeveloped personal life.
But when you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project,
all your thoughts break your bonds: your mind transcends limitations, your
consciousness expands in every direction, and find yourself in a new, great and
wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you
discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself
to be.





The goal of reaching your success and happiness

We set for ourselves many goals over the years, goals of many different sizes and types, but there needs to be an overall goal, which is a goal to reach your success.

By constantly striving to reach each individual goal we add to the success and the enrichment of our lives. Every time we set some goal for ourselves (even a small goal) and attract it to us, we add to our continuing overall success. Also like with anything in life practice makes perfect, the more goals we pursue and attract the easier it will become to attract more goals and success. Building success upon success; ever upwards.

Success – some find it a little hard to define and in some ways the word success means different things to different people. Earle Nightingale told us that “success is the realisation of a worthy goal”. I think that he was right, but there is also something else to be added to this “success is the realisation of a worthy goal; which adds to our happiness in life as we pursue it and when we reach it”. When you think about it everything that we choose to do in life, we do because we want to and nearly always we only choose to do things in a way that adds to our happiness. If we choose to do something that works against us or have a bad attitude about how we do something, then clearly we have made a bad decision.

The goal of reaching your success and happiness needs to be our overall aim in life and this goal needs to be worked on each day.


Goal Setting and Goal Attraction for the Indiviual


I have just published my first book, “Goal Setting and Goal Attraction for the Individual”.

It has been a great deal of hard work and took much longer than I expected, but now that it is printed I can call myself an author. I am very pleased with my first completed written work. I love the subject of goal setting and attracting the success that a person chooses for themselves, so for me it has been a labour of love to write this book.

This book is available in any good book shop or online book retailer.

Published by – Tony Brassington 31/07/2011

ISBN 9780956970503


The book covers –
• Goal setting
• Goal attraction
• Positivity

As well as a whole lot more.

Goal setting – the book goes into detail about the different types of goals and why we need to set goals. A goal setting exercise is included to help you arrive at your true goals list.

Goal attraction – After setting your goals you will then have to get to work on achieving your goals. I use my term of goal attraction. Understanding goal attraction is the key to you becoming excellent at setting goals and then reaching those goals – now isn’t that what we need to do? Reach your goals? Even today there are still so many people that have set goals and do not understand why they cannot achieve them; this can create for them all kinds of emotional pains like – disillusionment, anger, resentment and they ultimately become discouraged.

Positivity – Is the number one lesson from personal development. Every course, training day, seminar or workshop on the subject of personal development or self help, every personal development or self help book or audio book will tell you that it is vital to have a positive mental attitude. The subject of being positive is a daily task, an ongoing life pursuit that can bring great rewards or if you fail and let negativity slowly gain a hold of you the cost will be very high indeed.

Goal Setting and Goal Attraction for the Individual – is a book that can make a difference to you, it will help to bring about the result in life that you desire and aid you to being a full and complete person.

This book is available in any good book shop or online book retailer.

Published by – Tony Brassington 31/07/2011

ISBN 9780956970503



Goal attraction and imagination

When it comes to all kinds of success imagination is the magic secret ingredient. Too many of us use our imagination to waste so much time worrying about the future, worrying about things that will probably never happen anyway, instead using our imagination in a positive way.

All of the real big achievers in life use their imagination to help them to create a bright new future of their own design. They also use their imagination to solve problems in the pursuit of their goal or success.

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.
Imagination is more important than knowledge.
Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Albert Einstein = These famous lines came from “What Life Means to Einstein.
An interview by George Sylvester Viereck” The Saturday Evening Post (26 October 1929)

So use your imagination, find time daily to daydream or meditate on your own goals, on your own bright new future and to find answers to any challenges in front of you now. Yes imagination is more important than knowledge; Einstein was right when he said this and that is why it has become one of those lasting quotes that will be around forever. An important part of your goal attraction will be how you use your imagination. Like many things in life practice makes perfect.


September goal setting and goal attraction

Today is the first of September, how have you been doing with your goals recently?

Each month I encourage my thousands of readers to review the progress of their goals. Take a look at your progress in the last month, if progress was poor, do not beat yourself up about it, but instead see what can be learnt from your recent progress. The same is true if you have made good progress or reached your goal; reflect on what you did well so that you can repeat it again.

Today and for the rest of this month, after taking stock of where you are now with your goal setting, start today by resetting your goal if you need to or set a new goal if you have reached your last goal.

Work on only one goal at a time, unless they are very interlinked. Each day of this month think about your goal as often as you can in a relaxed and positive way. Apply lots of goal attraction methods.
Let’s make September a month to remember.


Practice make perfect with goal setting and goal attraction

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. When we were children we were taught that “if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again”. Many adults lose sight of this basic wise saying and appear to believe instead that “if at first you do not succeed – give up”. Only the original version can help you and take you forward in life to where you want to go.

By constantly working towards your goals on a daily basis, you are practicing goal attraction daily and at the same time, your goal attraction will be improving with practice, which will show up in the form of results.

Results do not lie, they will be the proof that you are a professional goal setter and professional when it comes to goals attraction. But do not worry if your results are not there yet. They are on their way and will come to you if you keep on practicing good daily goal attraction.

Goal attraction

• Seeing your goal clearly in your mind as a mental movie, pictures or thinking it over in your mind.
• Visual reminders – dream boards, pictures or words related to your goals around you.
• Affirmations – which are and always have been vital to success.

Practice your goal attraction daily, calmly and in total belief and expectation that it will come to you and it will do so. And remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to goal setting and goal attraction.


Do not look for short cuts you have to give in order to receive –

If you want something for nothing, become an after dinner speaker, but even then you have to give; the after dinner speaker has to stand up and talk in order to earn his or her free lunch, not to mention the giving in the form of time learning the art of after dinner speaking.

If you would like life to be generous with you, then you also have to be generous and give something in return. There is no set rule for the proportion of this give and take arrangement; but it is not a 50 / 50 split.

You can give in many ways, but give you must in order to receive. A person can give in the form of quality of service, attention to detail or by being a perfectionist in what they do. The product that you offer may do the giving in the form of value, uniqueness or quality. You may give something back to society by sponsorship or charity. There are countless ways to give.

By giving in some way we will receive, now some expect to be given with no thought of giving back in return, lasting success will not come to them, they have not learnt the rules of the game. The more short cuts they look for to avoid giving, thinking that they need only take, the more lasting success avoids them and eventual failure awaits them.


No news is good news

No news is good news, as the saying goes, but there is something of value in that. To reach your goals you must remain positive at all times. As I often say, “I believe that the number one lesson from personal development is that it is vital to have a positive mental attitude”.

Some parts of the news media take a lot of pride in the fact that they report the news in a balanced even handed way, trying to show both sides of an argument, but shouldn’t balanced news really mean to report 50% good news and 50% bad news? Is there really a shortage of good news to report? I would not have thought so.

The news focuses on bad news; as is the human way, it is not harder to focus on the good and positive, it is just the preferred way for the masses to focus on negative things in life.

So to reach our goals we must remain positive and control the influence of the negativity around us. We should not stick our heads in the sand and ignore the news altogether, but rather limit how much news and how much detailed news we expose ourselves to. Some successful people will not watch the news at all; they understand how harmful it can be to let too much negativity into your mind.

Set your goals and stay positive by limiting your exposure to anything negative.


The goal that you never set.


The goal that you never set, you will most likely never achieve. If you truly want something then you really must get serious about achieving it. Leaving things in the hands of fate, chance or luck, is to leave things in the hands of random chance, with the odds against you.

You actually hold every card when it comes to your good fortune and prosperity. At any time you can set a true goal for yourself and then get to work on attracting it towards you. As many have said “You are the captain of your own ship” “The maker of your own destiny”. If you say that you will do something and mean what you say. If you work daily towards reaching that goal, even though sometimes it may be hard to see any progress – yet each day again you keep on working towards your goals. If you are constant and persistent in a positive “can do it way” then the day will come when you will reach that goal, the day will come when you find yourself enjoying that achieved goal. The day will come when you can reflex with happiness and contentment in the fruits of your labours.
Some, in fact all too many, will never set the goals in life that they truly want and deserve. They finds life success a puzzle just too hard to work out, so they just give up instead. They give up on all that might have been; all that should have been and most importantly they give up on all that would have beenif only they had set the goal and pursued it.



Ask yourself the question; what one thing could I do today, in order to move me towards my goal the most?