Success is – “the realisation of a worthy goal.”


What is success you may ask? Well success is many different things to many people, that’s for sure.

I was on a course recently and the question was asked, what does the word success mean? Here are some of the answers that people gave –

Success is – having lots of money.
Success is – that new car that you want.
Success is – a perfect family life.
Success is – to win the lottery.
Success is – a big house.
Success is – to reach your goals.

To each person that gave an answer to the question, that answer may have been correct for them. I like the way Earle Nightingale summed up success as being the “the realisation of a worthy goal.” Your goal can be anything that you truly want as an individual, from a small goal to a massive one. Earle Nightingale talked about entrepreneurs, sales people, and house wives as all being successful. If that is what they choose to do and they are working on making a good job of that choice.

To choose your life’s pursuit and to then work constantly to the achievement of that end is a worthy goal. To choose a challenging goal to pursue, a goal that will cause you to learn many new things, helping you to develop and grow in knowledge and character as a person is a worthy goal.

It is successful to be working on a life pursuit or goal. That is the spirit of success, to take something on and then strive to make it better by working daily on it. Constant repetition of anything that you enjoy doing will lead to results that keep on improving. So to conclude, for me I have to agree with Earle Nightingale that success is – “the realisation of a worthy goal.”


Mental blocks – Teachers – Goal setting.


All kinds of mental blocks will prevent you from reaching your goals.

“When the student is ready the Teacher will appear.”
– Buddhist proverb

A person that is truly free within them self to reach their goal – will do so. All kinds of mental blocks will cloud your vision if you are not truly ready. You prepare by purity of thought; think through and remove any conflict or contraction in your thoughts, beliefs and actions that are not in line with your goal.

When you are truly free within yourself to reach your goal then you will find all the answers that you will need. The right people, places, events and ideas will all show up as you need them.

You are the student –
• You will not hear it until you are ready to listen.
• You will not see until you are ready to look.
• You will not find until you are ready to seek.

The Teacher will appear when you are ready; that Teacher may be found in any number of forms. The Teacher may be in the form of an old book, a mentor, a DVD, an old quote that you now hear and understand better than ever before.

If you cannot find the lesson that you need, try rereading a self help / personal development book you read some time ago, a book that you think you know. Read it again, more open minded to what it could teach you and you may be surprised what you will find.

No one can do it all by them self, without the help and advice of others we will not get far, but the help and advice we need will not come from fools who cannot keep their own house in order. You are the student; get ready, then find a suitable Teacher to help you, with the knowledge and experience needed to point you in the right direction.

Set your mind and the answers you will find.


The Harvard Goals survey.


The Harvard Goals survey. (As it has become known) The details vary a little depending on who is describing it, but it more or less goes like this –  In 1952 or 1953 at Harvard university, although some tell it as Yale university, a detailed and comprehensive survey was conducted of the Harvard seniors leaving that year. This survey asks questions about the student’s time in education, their background, beliefs, attitudes and plans for the future, as I said a detailed and comprehensive survey. About half way through this survey we get to the question, have you set goals? And 10% said that they had. Then the next question, if you have set goals, have you written them down? To this question only 3% had written their Goals down.


Twenty years later, it was decided to contact all the students that took part in the original survey twenty years before and get them to take part in another survey about their lives now. So they tried to contact as many of the students as they could, many were spread all around the world by then and one or two had died. They managed to complete the task. And then looked at the two surveys and made comparisons between the two surveys. When they looked at the two questions on goals, the 10% that had set goals had all reached them, but the really striking thing was the 3% that had set goals and written them down were worth more financially then all the rest of the 97% combined.


There are two conclusions to be draw from this- first, it is very important to write your goals down. Second, in some way whether they know it or not, the 97% are actually helping the 3% to get what they want.


I doubt that you will ever find a copy of this survey; many have tried to find it and not succeeded. Negative people ridicule this survey and in doing so they gain nothing from it, but a positive person that is truly trying to achieve a goal, a person that is truly free within themselves to reach that goal, will look at the message that the “Harvard Goal Survey” is clearly trying to make –

To reach a goal, write it down!


Goal setting – positivity – Thomas Edison


Just a few people can honestly say that they have changed this world forever and for the better, but some have and in many different ways. Some have changed it for the better spiritually, religiously, politically, industriously, Thomas Edison changed this world for the better in lasting ways with his many inventions. In his lifetime he made 1093 US Patents as well as in many other countries.

Many of his inventions stand out, especially in the fields of communications and cinema, but one invention in particular would now be very hard to do without. The work of this one man left a lasting legacy to all of mankind for generations to come. A legacy that can be seen from space, no other known Planet has its dark side light up by billions of electric lights spread across it.

The invention of the light bulb did not come easily, others had tried before and given up. Thomas Edison took up the challenge and with positivity and determination; he made a goal of it. His goal setting led him into trying 10,000 times before he came up with a usable light bulb. Most people in life would have given up long before that amount of trying.

He succeeded in his inventing so many times because he knew what he wanted and set a goal to reach it. Any account of this man shows a positive, can do type of person and on top of that he was determined and persistent.

If this one man did all that he was capable of; imagine if we all did the same!
If we all did what we are fully capable of, how this world would be then!


For successful goal setting – think like a child.


The first thing to do at the start of a goal setting exercise is to relax and then to think through all the things that you want to have and then list them. This must be done as free thought, entertaining no limits at all; that is when we adults hit a problem. As adults we are familiar with this world and our present place in it, we are all too familiar with our present circumstances and the limits of our daily lives, but for a goal setting exercise we must not ask the question “how am I going to do that?” all that we need to do for the exercise is come up with the wish list.

At some subconscious level we are still thinking in terms of the present, instead of the future. A child does not have this disadvantage and can very easily come up with a list that is not limited by what we think that we know. At the first stages of goal setting we must be child like; totally free to come up with what we want, truly want; no holding back.

“How” are we to reach these goals? You find the how on the journey; it is the journey that really matters. It is on the journey to reaching our goals that we will overcome any obstacle in our path, if we truly desire to reach that goal; growing in skills, knowledge and character as we do so.

Next time you are goal setting, think at the start like a child, then pursue it like a determined adult.


You can do as much as you think you can


You can do as much as you think you can,
But you’ll never accomplish more.
If you’re afraid of yourself, young man
There’s little for you in store.
For failure comes from the inside first,
It’s there if you only knew it.
And you can win, though you face the worst,
If you feel you’re going to do it.

–Edgar Guest


Thoughts become things. Law of attraction


“Thoughts are things and powerful things at that, when mixed with a definite purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects.” Napoleon Hill wrote that in his famous book “Think and grow rich” (Note the word “Think” in the title) in the introduction to chapter one. Napoleon Hill knew what he was talking about after a lifetime of studying success and achievement.

The reality that you believe in is the reality that you live in.

The reality that you believe in is the reality that you live in. We shape our lives and the world around us with our thoughts. Remember that old saying “be careful what you wish for” it still holds true. Be very careful what you wish for because your thoughts are powerful things indeed and will lead to tangible things in the world around you.

When we know and really understand the great power of our thoughts, the only conclusion we can reach is that each person’s thoughts must be totally in line with what they want in life. Also each person’s thoughts must be positive; never allow yourself the luxury of a negative thought. A negative thought must be a luxury for the cost of them is too high.

Thoughts become things because of the Law of attraction, like attracts like, as within – so without, we become what we think about. However you want to put it, if you do not like your current reality and you truly want to change it, start by looking at your thoughts and the beliefs that accompany them.


Mental blocks; is it still a challenge reaching your goals despite all the goal setting?


Is it a a challenge reaching your goals despite all the goal setting? Mental blocks are often the reason for this. Mental block are also often deeply imbedded and very hard to indentify.

Let me give you a common example of a mental block – you have set a goal of buying a brand new car. You have decided on all the details, the make, model, and specification. You look at the sale broacher often, have a picture on your wall of this car and visualise driving it; yet still it does not manifest into your current reality. Why? In this example this person knows exactly what they what, but all the time they are thinking in terms of what they can afford. Each time this person drives past a used car dealer, this person looks at the cars that he or she can afford at the present time and for a moment loses sight of the new car goal.

So many times in these blogs and in my book do I talk about the importance of dominant thoughts? When it comes to goal setting and achieving something new, take note of your dominant thoughts; your dominant thoughts must be pure, true and focused. Never allow any room for what you do not want to enter.

The above is a typical example of a mental block that will prevent you from reaching your goal; the same would be true for instance –
• A body weight goal, but you keep on entertaining thoughts of favourite foods and lazy days without exercise.
• A goal of watching less television, but still buying and reading a TV guide.

There are countless examples of these types of mental blocks. Dominant thoughts mean just that; you will have many thoughts on a given or related topic, but it is usually your dominant thoughts that will win out and produce a result.

There is no room for contradictions in your dominant thoughts if you want to reach your goal.


Set your mind and the answers you will find.

When it comes to goal setting, I have always said “Set your mind and the answers you will find.” To reach any goal it must be dominant in your thoughts. The distractions of the day will try to take your dreams away. Your goal must be dominant in your thoughts and add to this a feeling of belief, desire and certainty; maintain this daily and over time you will set your mind to finding all the answers that you will need. The right people, places and events, really do show up as you need them. Keep your mind open to what is around and infront of you all the time, for it may well be the right people, places and events that you need.

Also you can use meditation to focus your mind and set it to the task in hand. This is time well spent whether it is deep meditation or just a little light daydreaming about your goal, do it often and do it with belief.

Get to work on setting your mind by raising your goal to a dominant position in your mind; never allow anything to weaken your resolve, never allow anyone to talk you down or out of your belief in your goal.

It is often best to tell no one about what goal you are seeking. Sometimes on a subconscious level when we talk to others about a planned goal, we are actually asking for permission – the only permission that you need is yours, by setting your mind to it in the form of commitment.

Set your mind and the answers you will find.


Financial goal setting.


Financial goal setting is important, because our finances are an important area of life. Oddly many hold to the belief that “money is the route of all evil.” Have you noticed in the news over the years that when money becomes scarce in a country or for certain groups of people for a time, that society starts to suffer; crime and anti-social behaviour increases and no one is happy. When someone loses all their money quickly they are soon destitute. No one can manage without it, money is not “the route of all evil.” It is a belief about money and how it is used. You could just as easily say that “money is the route to remove evil.” Money given to charity, money given to the cold and hungry, is removing evils from this world and making it a better place, but even so some will always stick wrongly to the idea that “money is the route of all evil.”

When you are setting financial goals start by asking yourself these three questions.

• How much money do I want to make a year?
• How much would I like to have in savings?
• How much do I want for retirement?

(If you have a business, you also should be asking similar questions to these about your business.)

Then when you know the answers to these questions you can set financial goals to match them. Setting financial goals is to set long term goals and that needs to be understood. Your finances will be part of your life for the duration. These lifelong financial goals must not be ignored and it is never too late to set them.

Building wealth; there are two ways in which to build up your savings and both involve living within your budget. Spend less or earn more; better still do both. I know that is easily said and at times we all have to spend money that is not there, but think on that simple line Spend less or earn more; better still do both and you will find it to be sound.