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The Next Step Workshop

I successfully run a number of workshops and seminars through my business Mind and Achievement, helping people to achieve their fullest potential. For many years people have been asking me a variety of questions amounting to, “How do I run my first workshop or seminar?” I put together a workshop to help address this, because I can see a real need for a more effective approach, an approach that actually leads to real results.

I have called the workshop, The Next Step Workshop, because I believe the most important part of the process are the first few steps. Also, for many people new to the industry, taking the next step, is to take the first few steps. If the correct amount of time and effort is put into getting the first few steps right, then everything else will fall into line thereafter, or be a much smaller challenge than it otherwise may have been. I feel for a number of reasons, too many people are rushing over the first steps, which can only lead to wasting too much time, or total failure.

After the success of my first few Next Step Workshops and the positive feedback I received from those who attended, I wrote a book on the subject, which is now available on Amazon, ‘WANT TO RUN WORKSHOPS OR SEMINARS? THE NEXT STEP’


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