No news is good news

No news is good news, as the saying goes, but there is something of value in that. To reach your goals you must remain positive at all times. As I often say, “I believe that the number one lesson from personal development is that it is vital to have a positive mental attitude”.

Some parts of the news media take a lot of pride in the fact that they report the news in a balanced even handed way, trying to show both sides of an argument, but shouldn’t balanced news really mean to report 50% good news and 50% bad news? Is there really a shortage of good news to report? I would not have thought so.

The news focuses on bad news; as is the human way, it is not harder to focus on the good and positive, it is just the preferred way for the masses to focus on negative things in life.

So to reach our goals we must remain positive and control the influence of the negativity around us. We should not stick our heads in the sand and ignore the news altogether, but rather limit how much news and how much detailed news we expose ourselves to. Some successful people will not watch the news at all; they understand how harmful it can be to let too much negativity into your mind.

Set your goals and stay positive by limiting your exposure to anything negative.

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