Picture what you want.

Picture what you want; do not worry about the how you are going to achieve it. That just leads to fear and worry, fear and worry leads to procrastination and inactivity. A strong belief and desire to achieve is reached by knowing what you want and building a clear strong mental picture in order to reach it.

Allowing in any amount of fear and worry could slow up your progress, so fear and worry must be removed altogether. Always remain positive and unfailing in your belief about your future achievement by building a mental picture so strong that nothing can weaken it in any way.

Good goal setting and successful goal attraction has always been used with picturing what you want. You have to see it on the inside before you will experience it around you.

Picture what you want in great detail.
Picture what you want and see it as a future event.
Picture what you want with belief and certainty.
Picture what you want and feel the emotions at that time in the future when you reach it.
Picture what you want; just like a mental rehearsal for its achievement.
Picture what you want calmly, contently and thankfully.

“Whatever the mind can conceive and believe it can achieve” Napoleon Hill

Everyday calming picture what you want in your mind – See it – believe it – expect it

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