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Today is Easter Sunday which celebrates the belief that Jesus rose from the dead after three days. In connection with this, I once saw a man on TV recount a vision of Jesus that he had and I have always remembered how moved and stirred this man was as he told it. We have all seen many great actors showing emotion in a characters role, but this was far beyond any actor’s ability to mimic.

Why mention it here? There are two reasons, first I would like to find a copy of his book and read it for myself and the second reason is that it will prove something about goals setting. For many years it has been my intention to find out more about this man and his story. I have tried to find out more many times, but I have always drawn a blank. I believe that any thought that you allow some dominance in your mind has the chance to materialise.

You can set any goal and reach it, but time goals are tricky, I have always believed that I would one day find out more about this man or find his book. So please help me, thousands of people read these pages if someone knows the name of the man or the name of the book then please Email it to me I will update this blog page with the date that I gain the correct answer. It will be interesting to see when it arrives, days, weeks, months?

So today’s date is 24th April 2011
Date I was informed with the name…………………..To be added.

So let me now recount what I can remember of the TV documentary about him –

Tears hit the goal floor.

In the late 1970’s or early 1980’s I think. There was a documentary on British Television about the life of a black American man, the son of a prostitute. There were racial problems and he was run out of town by the Ku Klux Klan. On a train with only some bread, a man tried to steal it from him. He killed this man, more in self defence than anything else. He was arrested and found guilty then sent to prison. In prison in the dark of his cell one night he became upset about his life and how unjust and unfair it had been. He started praying to Jesus or God about his lot, as he was praying he was crying so much that his tears made a puddle on the floor and he could hear his tears slashing into this small puddle in the otherwise silent cell. He then had a vision of Jesus who told him it would all be better from then on. When out of prison he married a younger woman and wrote a book about his own life.
Now it was a long time ago that I saw this program and I am sure my account of it is far from perfect, but I think you will agree that there is an amazing story here. If you can help me find the answer that I am looking for then you can help me complete this page.

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