Positive energy


In every way become charged with positive energy. Work on your positive thoughts, words and deeds.

Positive thoughts – expel all negative thoughts. They will constantly try to gain inroads to your mind, but must not be allowed to succeed. Consciously take notice of how many negative thoughts you have in a day and you will soon tire of it because the number is bigger than you think. The best way to overpower these negative thoughts is to overpower them with positive thoughts. Work hard on filling your mind with positive thoughts and this will raise your positive energy.

Positive words – your thoughts and the language that you use are closely related, each will affect the other. Again take notice of the negative and then reject it. Go to work on your vocabulary and then add as many positive words as you can. You will soon find that this will help to improve your positive thoughts as well, while also raising your positive energy.

Positive deeds – we will all do negative things, that is as unavoidable as the occasional passing negative thought, but when we see people constantly doing negative deeds; we expect them to ultimately fail. Take note of how positive or negative your deeds are and then tip the balance in favour of the positive.

By monitoring and working to improve our positive thoughts, words and deeds, we will raise our positive energy. I believe that a positive mental attitude is the number one lesson from personal development and in order to reach our goals and live the life that we want we must become as positive as possible.

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