Practice make perfect with goal setting and goal attraction

As with anything in life, practice makes perfect. When we were children we were taught that “if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try again”. Many adults lose sight of this basic wise saying and appear to believe instead that “if at first you do not succeed – give up”. Only the original version can help you and take you forward in life to where you want to go.

By constantly working towards your goals on a daily basis, you are practicing goal attraction daily and at the same time, your goal attraction will be improving with practice, which will show up in the form of results.

Results do not lie, they will be the proof that you are a professional goal setter and professional when it comes to goals attraction. But do not worry if your results are not there yet. They are on their way and will come to you if you keep on practicing good daily goal attraction.

Goal attraction

• Seeing your goal clearly in your mind as a mental movie, pictures or thinking it over in your mind.
• Visual reminders – dream boards, pictures or words related to your goals around you.
• Affirmations – which are and always have been vital to success.

Practice your goal attraction daily, calmly and in total belief and expectation that it will come to you and it will do so. And remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to goal setting and goal attraction.

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