Pursue your goal without


Pursue your goal and do not be in a rush, it is better to reach your goal slowly, but surly, than missing it by rushing. Like that old saying goes – “more haste; less speed”

Give yourself time for the learning curve as you pursue your goal and go slow enough that you will not miss something that you will need in order to reach it.

When we are in a rush and then miss the goal that we seek, it is then that we get easily disheartened and negativity works its harmful way in, bringing future progress towards that goal to a halt.

Be calm, relaxed, cheerful and confident in yourself that you are going to reach your chosen goal, even if it takes a little longer than planned.

If your goal is something that you truly want then a little extra time will not matter in the big scheme of things.

One of the best ways to make good progress towards your goal is to plan well at the outset. Good planning will make a world of difference to your progress in achieving your goal. Yet at the start off any big project it is not possible to know everything at the outset and so some bridges will have to be crossed as you reach them.

Do not rush, find the speed that will allow you to get it right.

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