Reach your goal by remaining positive

Avoid the company of fools and negative people, their help and advice will only slow down your progress.

“Experience keeps a deer school but fools will learn in no other”
Benjamin Franklin

Fools and negative people tend not to be good at taking sound advice, they prefer to continue with what they know and have used before, even though it usually does not work very well at all.

“Them that cannot be cancelled cannot be helped”
Benjamin Franklin

Associate with positive people because to be positive is the only way to move ahead. Positive thinking people will help and encourage you to keep going and the energy alone from positive people will help to drive you on.

Set your goal, take action daily towards your goals and believe and expect your goal; there will be many challenging times ahead especially if you are pursuing a big goal, so you will need to have your positivity levels kept high enough to go the distance. Fools and negative people will only try to drain your positive energy from you, even if they mean well.

Remember that to reach your goals you must remain positive

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