Realistic and achievable goal setting

A person needs a mixture of goals, some small goals just for fun, some realistic and achievable, and some big goals. Many just will not set big goals; they think that it cannot happen for them or they are frightened to take them on. Some would tell you that if you kept on setting realistic and achievable Goals, one after another, each time building on the last success, that you will eventually hit the big time. In theory that is possible, but in reality you could not keep up the necessary momentum to do it. Interestingly, the only way that you could keep up the necessary momentum would be to already have a big Goal and to aim for it the first place. So forget realistic and achievable and go for the big goal to start with; then focus and work with that one. Many times the realistic and achievable goals will in reality only hold you back from all that you truly want in life.

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