Regularly review your goals progress


It is a very good idea to set a time period for reviewing your goals progress. It can be daily, weekly or monthly, whatever is correct for you and your goal. Some types of goals are by their very nature slow and so longer time scales are needed. For the benefit of my regular readers of which there is a continually growing number, I will bring up the subject of reviewing goals at least once a month, which I think is about the minimum that a goal should be reviewed. In the last month what progress have you made towards your goal or goals? Be honest with yourself and evaluate your progress, if you have reached your goal, then that is great. Maybe you have made some progress, but you are not there yet, so consider your next step. What have you done right and what did not work? Did you manage to keep your goal in your thoughts each day? If not, what could you do to put that right?

A person can reach any goal that they set and keep in a dominant place in their thoughts, but time goals are tricky, so if it takes longer than you first thought, do not worry about that, it is so very often part of the process. If it is worth having, then it is worth the time and effort involved in achieving it.

Today review and evaluate your goals progress and in tomorrows news item I will write about goal setting or goal resetting for the start of the month.

Wishing you every success, Tony Brassington.

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