Repetition, Repetition, Repetition,

The secret of so much success is just; doing it, doing it, doing it. The thing that we love to do, enjoy doing or often just do without any thinking at all, it just comes automatically, and by repetition, repetition, repetition, it just keeps on improving over time, till you become a very hard act to follow. When you become a very hard act to follow over time by repetition, repetition, repetition, you eventually become a genius at that task. Whether it is cooking the Sunday roast, valeting the car or in pursuit of a successful goal, repetition, repetition, repetition, of that thing that you love to do will lead to you becoming a very hard act to follow and eventually a genius at what you do. So keep on keeping on and ask of yourself, where I am a genius already? What could I potentially be a genius at? Look at your skills, gifts and abilities anew. As Russell Conwell depicts in his book Acres of Diamonds, your real riches may be already close to hand. So enjoy repetition, repetition, repetition.
Tony Brassington.

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