Review your month, July 2011

As another month has ended, it is time to review the passing month, to think over the results of the month from a goal setting point of view and a personal point of view, but always to do this in a positive upbeat frame of mind.

Ask of yourself, what did I do well this month and what could I learn from this month and improve upon?

Ask yourself, what progress have I made towards my goals this month.

Ask yourself, how have I grown as a person this month.

Reflect on the best and happiest time of the passing month and be grateful for them. Maybe you can add a happy positive memory from this month to your store of good time memories which we should all have and build upon.

Think about how you have interacted with others this month; look for the best example and one to improve upon.

After some reflection on this month ending today, start to give some thought to your plans for next month. More on that tomorrow.

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