Richard Branson / Service / Goals

To go out into the world of business in a selfish, damn everyone else way, only after short term financial gain and with no care at all to the quality of service that you offer, is sure to lead to ultimate failure, which is rightly deserved!

It has often been said that- “we get what we want, by helping others to get what they want.” Quality of service must never be overlooked, even in difficult times and markets. Always give of yourself the best that you can in the quality of service that you offer, go the extra mile when needed and be sure that the customer is happy.

Be sure that you are in the right type of business for your personality and interests. When we do the work that we love, it is no work at all. The time goes by quickly when we are rightly proud of our work and our results. A customer will feel and pick up on the pride we have in what we do; in just the same way a customer will be turned off by a poor attitude or quality of service. You know yourself that you will avoid those in service or business that treat you or supply you poorly.

Reaching your goals will so often be affected by how you treat others who are pursuing theirs.

“……you’re trying to create something this is original, that stands out from the crowd, that will last and hopefully serve some useful purpose. Above all, you want to create something that you are proud of. That has always been my philosophy of business. I can honestly say that I have never gone into any business to make money” – Richard Branson.

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