See the success and achievement in your mind first.

See the success and achievement in your mind first.

When we bring to mind many of the successes and achievements of mankind, you could almost think that mankind can do almost anything that we really put our minds to.

They said that man could not reach the moon and walk on it. Yet, Neil Armstrong proved that we could.

They said that no one could run a four minute mile. They had very good reason to think that; as people had been trying to run the four minute mile for centuries before. Roger Banister proved that it is possible to run a four minute mile. A short time afterwards many other people ran a four minute mile, because their beliefs had changed about a person being able to run four miles in one minute.

They said that no one could fly and the Wright brothers made flight possible. Today we give aeroplanes no thought at all; we just take them for granted.

They said that no one could make an electric light bulb. Thomas Edison kept on trying like few people are prepared to do. Thousands of attempts were needed to make it to work. Can you imagine this world today without light bulbs? A world in the dark!

We can all bring to mind so many successes and achievements of mankind; that we now take for granted, so many wonderful and amazing things that great people have done. So how did they reach their success and achievement? Everything starts in the mind first. First just a simple idea in the mind, then some serious thought is given to this idea, detail is added. Then again in the mind commitment to the idea is made and the goal is then set. Next that goal is pursued in the real world, but to believe and expect that goal and to manifest it into reality by the person who seeks it; they must keep on returning to the mind’s eye to see the expected success and achievement as they want it to be. So if you seek success and achievement, see the success and achievement in your mind first; Tony Brassington


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