September goal setting and goal attraction

Today is the first of September, how have you been doing with your goals recently?

Each month I encourage my thousands of readers to review the progress of their goals. Take a look at your progress in the last month, if progress was poor, do not beat yourself up about it, but instead see what can be learnt from your recent progress. The same is true if you have made good progress or reached your goal; reflect on what you did well so that you can repeat it again.

Today and for the rest of this month, after taking stock of where you are now with your goal setting, start today by resetting your goal if you need to or set a new goal if you have reached your last goal.

Work on only one goal at a time, unless they are very interlinked. Each day of this month think about your goal as often as you can in a relaxed and positive way. Apply lots of goal attraction methods.
Let’s make September a month to remember.

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