Set your mind and the answers you will find.

When it comes to goal setting, I have always said “Set your mind and the answers you will find.” To reach any goal it must be dominant in your thoughts. The distractions of the day will try to take your dreams away. Your goal must be dominant in your thoughts and add to this a feeling of belief, desire and certainty; maintain this daily and over time you will set your mind to finding all the answers that you will need. The right people, places and events, really do show up as you need them. Keep your mind open to what is around and infront of you all the time, for it may well be the right people, places and events that you need.

Also you can use meditation to focus your mind and set it to the task in hand. This is time well spent whether it is deep meditation or just a little light daydreaming about your goal, do it often and do it with belief.

Get to work on setting your mind by raising your goal to a dominant position in your mind; never allow anything to weaken your resolve, never allow anyone to talk you down or out of your belief in your goal.

It is often best to tell no one about what goal you are seeking. Sometimes on a subconscious level when we talk to others about a planned goal, we are actually asking for permission – the only permission that you need is yours, by setting your mind to it in the form of commitment.

Set your mind and the answers you will find.

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