Set your mind for achievement


The name of my company is – Mind and Achievement – so what do I mean by the word Mind? I say that “when you have your mind set correctly, the achievement will follow”. If your mind is set upon negative thoughts like; fear, worry, doubt, internal conflict and contradictions then the achievement that you claim to seek will be elusive or none existent.

To achieve all that you seek, your mind must be positive and calm. Be sure in your mind of what it is that you are seeking. See it in your mind’s eye in every detail. Believe and expect that you will achieve all that you set out to achieve. Never allow any thoughts that contradict this belief to remain in your mind. The average day will produce all kinds of distractions and real challenges to deal with, but after sorting these out you must have methods to return the things that you seek to a dominant position in your mind or they will ultimately become lost to you, due to the daily turmoil of life. That is why, affirmations, visual prompts around you and visualising in your mind, the thing that you are seeking most, is so very important.

Act as if you cannot fail by forming a belief and desire so strong that nothing can shake it. That is how to correctly set your mind.

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