Staying positive to reach your goals


We continually hear that to be successful and reach your goals you must have a positive mental attitude and this I believe to be correct. As I so often say, “I believe the number one lesson from personal development is; that it is vital to have a positive attitude.” It is very easy to understand this intellectually, but can often be much harder to apply in practise. For some it takes a great deal of effort to reach a positive mindset and maintain it, but by doing so you get the real benefits that life has to offer. Also it is something that we constantly have to keep working on. There is always some worry or fear trying to get into our dominant thoughts and weigh us down needlessly. We have to master our minds and choose the subjects that are to allow dominance in our thoughts. Our dominant thoughts must only be in line with all that we truly want, thoughts that are also considerate to those around us and lead to our happiness and fulfilment. Yes your dominant thoughts must be about the things that you truly want in life (your goals are a big part of that) and yes your dominant thoughts must be positive or worry and doubt will take your dreams and goals away. You are in charge of your life and future, you are the master of your own ship, the captain of your own destiny and to be the master of all that, starts with mastering your thoughts and keeping them positive in order to reach your goals in life.

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