Success and goal setting

Life and success could be compared to a vertical spiral. We all have our place on this spiral; there is no staying in the middle, all of us are either positively climbing this spiral or negative descending it. It is our thoughts and the way that we use them that will decide whether we rise or descend this spiral.

The same is true in nature every living thing is either growing or retracting. There is no in the middle ground, yet in life many wrongly think that it is possible to stay at one point forever and that nothing will ever change. Benjamin Franklin notice this believe in people –

“Tis day and will never be night” – Benjamin Franklin

Knowing this we must look forward and upward, setting goals that will allow us to grow as a person in skills, knowledge and character. Time marches on. Do not wait for time and events to overtake you, forget the past it is gone forever. Get to work on the future by setting and working on the right goals now. Set a mixture of goals, a mixture of goal sizes and a mixture of goal time scales – short term – medium term and long term goals.

Everyday concentrate on being appositive person, never allowing negativity to remain for long, everyday concentrate on your goals and keep them dominant amongst your thoughts.

Think of your place on the success spiral and then start to climb it some more by goal setting to reach more success and personal growth.

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