Success comes from you and your goals / Richard Branson

Some will tell you that they are not successful because – they are from the wrong part of the country, they have the wrong family background, they did not get the right education; they will use those statements and many more like them. They are not real reasons, or though some people will truly believe them to be. In fact they are little more than excuses or rationalisations as to why life has overtaken them in some area of life or a number of areas.

Success has got nothing to do with where you are from, your family background or education.

Think about Richard Branson for example, he is the founder of Virgin Enterprises; a multi million pound / dollar worldwide business and a business that he started from virtually nothing as a student. He was born in Shamley Green, Surrey. Now as I recall Shamley Green in Surrey is not famous for being the best place in the country for a future multi millionaire to be born. I think that Richard is their only claim to fame.

Family – I remember watching a program about “Barnardo’s” (the charity for children) and this program interviewed many people that had spent time in Barnardo’s childrens homes as they were growing up and what had happened to these people after they left and joined society. Nearly all spoke about the effect on them of not knowing their parents or family, but one man told a different story. He had become a successful businessman since he had left Barnardo’s. He said that telling people he had met in business that he was an orphan from a children’s home had actually been an advantage in business and in part had added to his success.

Education – there are countless examples of successful people in business, politics, acting, writing, in fact in any profession, with poor educations and examples of people with excellent educations. It is not what you know, but how prepared you are to use what you already possess.

Decide on your goals or your purpose in life. Then starting from what you already have, take action, adding to your store of knowledge or education, as you progress towards your chosen goal. Leave the well worn excuses to others.

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