Success is –

What is success many will ask? Well success is many things to many people, that is for sure. I was at a course recently and the question was asked, what does the word success mean? Here are some of the answers that people gave –

Success is – having lots of money.

Success is – that new car that you want.

Success is – a perfect family life.

Success is – to win the lottery.

Success is – a big house.

Success is – to reach your goals.

To each person that gave an answer to the question, that answer may have been correct for them.  I like the way Earle Nightingale summed up success as being the “the realisation of a worthy goal.” Your goal can be anything that you truly want as an individual, from a small goal to a massive one. Earle Nightingale talked about entrepreneurs, sales people, and house wives as being successful. If that is what they choose to do and they are working on making a good job of that choice. To choose your life’s pursuit and to then work constantly to the achievement of that end is a worthy goal. To choose a challenging goal to pursue, a goal that will cause you to learn many new things, helping you to develop and grow in knowledge and character as a person is a worthy goal. It is successful to be working on a life pursuit or goal like that. That is the spirit of success, to take something on like that and then strive to make it better by working daily on it. Constant repetition of anything that you enjoy doing will lead to results that keep on improving.  So to conclude, for me I have to agree with Earle Nightingale that success is –

“the realisation of a worthy goal.”

Tony Brassington.




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