Telford Tedx 2019 – All Speakers and Videos

Click on the link to see all fourteen videos from the 2019 Tedx Telford event, on the theme of WHATS NEXT; fourteen fantastic, thought provoking talks, full of ideas which are well worth sharing.

  1. Teresa Boughey … Overcoming Diversity Fatigue.


  1. Bev Hepting … It’s OK – I’m not a robot, yet.


  1. Paul Crick … Next Level Leadership – A Return To Self.


  1. Claire Wilson … Is neuroception a crucial missing piece in our children’s mental health crisis?


  1. Katie Woodland … Entrepreneurship as the silver bullet in the increasing mental health crisis.


  1. Matthew Tolley … How to reduce your Carbon Footprint by 80%.


  1. Scott McArthur … Who is paying for your attention?


  1. Tony Brassington … What can we learn from Easter Island?


  1. Emma Roscoe … Who you choose to become.


  1. Bret Freeman … Mind Control


  1. Craig McVoy … Brand Loyalty: It’s Just a Matter of Time.


  1. Hollie Whittles … If music is the fuel of business, play on!


  1. Antionette Dale Henderson … What next? The new power dynamic


  1. Merisha Stevenson … Make Your Story Pay








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