The benefits of goal setting


The benefits of goal setting.
There are many benefits to goal setting. Firstly it gives direction in life, something to aim for, to work towards and focus upon. The challenges that goal setting brings, adds interest to life, as you discover unexpected twist and turns of the goal journey. Rising to a challenging goal that you have set for yourself fills your mind and maintains strong and positive thinking, as you embrace a “can do” attitude. You reach a goal by being full of certainty, the certainty that you will reach it and will not take no for an answer.

Following the crowd is folly.
Some will tell you; in fact the majority will tell you that they do not need to set goals and yet just look at them – by not having a goal or any definite purpose they ramble around from this to that, always following the crowd. To follow the crowd is folly, it is folly because the crowd never checks to see if it is right or if it is accurate in it’s beliefs. The members of the crowd follow people that are only following others and no one checks for best practise or qualification. The members of the crowd become disheartened and negative as the lack of goals and purpose allows random, poor quality and less worthy life choices to get a foot hold and grow. The results of these less worthy life choices become a burden, which the negative force at large in this world loves to torment people with, by adding to it and pulling these negative people down more.

Believe in goal setting; believe in yourself and your bright new future; a future, created by your own design. Let them follow the crowd if they want to, but you know that to follow the crowd is folly and goal setting will bring many benefits to you.

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