The Caged bird

The caged bird is a wonder to see and to hear. So wonderful it is to get up so close and to see first-hand its natural beauty; beauty that it would normally keep far from our sight, if it were in its natural and free environment. Also it is good thing for a person to care for a little creature and keep it in good health.

The caged bird is happy or at least appears to be. Water, food, warmth, it wants for nothing, no need to hunt or to gather; a life of apparent ease.

We all sometimes think about the caged bird, despite its every need been taken care of, surly the bird would want to be free if it had a choice. Birds are meant to soar and fly; the warmth of the sun, the birdsong of other birds must be so inviting. Some may even have become aware of the cage door and given some thought to escaping.

Are we in some ways very much like the caged bird? Mankind was made also to soar and the fly, yet in our own way. We were not meant to be caged, restricted and held back. We were not meant to only eat, drink, sleep and keep warm, but to actively engage with life. We were put on this earth to grow and expand in a vast variety of ways, skills, knowledge, character, experiences and to ever improve at helping and interacting with others for the greater good of all.

We are not caged birds; no one keeps our cage door closed other than ourselves. We are meant to soar and fly; so are you a caged bird?

Tony Brassington.

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