The Comfort Zone Poem

The Comfort Zone

I used to have a comfort zone
where I knew I couldn’t fail,
The same four walls of busy work
were really more like a jail

I longed so much to do the things
I’d never done before,
But I stayed inside my comfort zone
and paced the same old floor

I said it didn’t matter
that I wasn’t doing much,
I said I didn’t care for things
like diamonds or furs and such

I claimed to be so busy
with the things inside my zone,
But deep inside I longed for
something special of my own

I couldn’t let my life go by
just watching others win,
I held my breath and stepped outside
to let the change begin

I took a step and with new strength
I’d never felt before,
I kissed my comfort zone good bye
and closed and locked the door

If you are in a comfort zone
afraid to venture out,
Remember that all winners
were at one time filled with doubt

A step or two and words of praise
can make your dreams come true
Greet your future with a smile,
success is there for you!


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