The goal of reaching your success and happiness

We set for ourselves many goals over the years, goals of many different sizes and types, but there needs to be an overall goal, which is a goal to reach your success.

By constantly striving to reach each individual goal we add to the success and the enrichment of our lives. Every time we set some goal for ourselves (even a small goal) and attract it to us, we add to our continuing overall success. Also like with anything in life practice makes perfect, the more goals we pursue and attract the easier it will become to attract more goals and success. Building success upon success; ever upwards.

Success – some find it a little hard to define and in some ways the word success means different things to different people. Earle Nightingale told us that “success is the realisation of a worthy goal”. I think that he was right, but there is also something else to be added to this “success is the realisation of a worthy goal; which adds to our happiness in life as we pursue it and when we reach it”. When you think about it everything that we choose to do in life, we do because we want to and nearly always we only choose to do things in a way that adds to our happiness. If we choose to do something that works against us or have a bad attitude about how we do something, then clearly we have made a bad decision.

The goal of reaching your success and happiness needs to be our overall aim in life and this goal needs to be worked on each day.

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