The goal that you never set.


The goal that you never set, you will most likely never achieve. If you truly want something then you really must get serious about achieving it. Leaving things in the hands of fate, chance or luck, is to leave things in the hands of random chance, with the odds against you.

You actually hold every card when it comes to your good fortune and prosperity. At any time you can set a true goal for yourself and then get to work on attracting it towards you. As many have said “You are the captain of your own ship” “The maker of your own destiny”. If you say that you will do something and mean what you say. If you work daily towards reaching that goal, even though sometimes it may be hard to see any progress – yet each day again you keep on working towards your goals. If you are constant and persistent in a positive “can do it way” then the day will come when you will reach that goal, the day will come when you find yourself enjoying that achieved goal. The day will come when you can reflex with happiness and contentment in the fruits of your labours.
Some, in fact all too many, will never set the goals in life that they truly want and deserve. They finds life success a puzzle just too hard to work out, so they just give up instead. They give up on all that might have been; all that should have been and most importantly they give up on all that would have beenif only they had set the goal and pursued it.

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