The Law of Attraction and Goal Setting.


If we use the law of attraction and goal setting together; then combined you have a powerful mix.

The law of attraction says, whatever we think about we attract to us; we must think positively to attract positive things to us. Too often we think and feel with negative thoughts and emotions and by doing so we attract the things that we do not want.

Spend as much time as needed in deciding on your goals. Set only goals that you have a real desire for; for a mild wish will lead nowhere. Then when you have your goal and the real desire for it, then have total faith in your ability to achieve it. Truly expect that goal to come to you and never doubt it. Make your goal a dominant thought adding positivity and positive emotion. Sooner or later you will find that you are starting to attract that goal in some way, maybe slowly at first, but it is beginning to be attracted by your positive thoughts and emotions. Keep that goal in your mind as a positive dominant thought with positive emotions to match it, until you attract that goal all the way to full achievement.

Always maintain the positive belief in your goal. Always maintain positive thoughts and emotions about that goal; then by doing so you will be using the law of attraction and goal setting together. These two combined are a powerful mix, attracting your goal towards you.

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