The meaning of life and your goal setting.


The meaning of life, oh how they have pondered over that one. The problem is that no one can be sure that they have the correct answer; because there is so much that we cannot prove or cannot know.

Well let’s look at a few things that we do know. We come into this world with nothing and we leave this world with nothing – or do we?

1. We leave with a life time of experience of this world and our time in it.
2. We leave with a life time of experience interacting with others.
3. We leave with a life time of experience of knowing ourselves and how well we dealt with life and its challenges.

The meaning of life must be the experience of life and how we interacted with others and the world around us.

Each of us has a lifetime and we are free to use it as we will. We are given countless choices and opportunities, we use these well or waste them. We have choices and opportunities; to interact well with others and not be offended each time someone makes our life difficult. We have choices and opportunities in how we use our time, time used well or wasted. We have so many choices and opportunities.

But at any time we can choose to change as a person for the better, to be happier, calmer and living in better harmony with others.

The time that we have now we can improve upon with goal setting. A set of clear well define goals will give person a purpose and direction in life. Then pursue your goals, but always with fairness and consideration to others.

Be sure to set some goals for your personal qualities, think about the term Personal Development and what that implies.

I do not pretend, nor could anyone else, that the thoughts above are the last words in the meaning of live, but I think that they are worth some thought. Use your time well. Use it in good harmony with others and use your goal setting to improve your live and the lives of those around you.

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