The Professional Goal Setter


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The Professional Goal Setter

AUDIO CD / 1st Edition

If you are interested in setting goals and getting the results that you truly want from those goals, then this audio CD is a must for you. Please read on and I will tell you why –

This CD is all about goals and goal setting. To set goals is the surest way to get all that you truly want. Not setting goals can leave you following the crowd with mixed and random fortunes.

This is a one hour CD and it is packed with goal setting and goal attraction information. By regularly playing this CD it will help you to reach your goals and live a life of your own design.

The three main areas covered in this CD are –

1. Why set goals? To have a good understanding of the importance of setting goals is essential in order to appreciate goal setting and to do it correctly.  

2. Set your goals correctly is vital for them to work for you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

3. Goal attraction is making your goals move towards you and to get that final result of your choosing. Do you know how to attract your goals towards you? I promise you that many other people do know and they use goal attraction all the time to get the results that they desire.

If you fully understand those three subjects in every detail, then getting all that you want and truly deserve to have, will become a whole lot easier.

I have always believed that a person’s life can change beyond all recognition in a very short space of time, no matter how long things have managed to stay the same, despite your best efforts, no matter how many failures and setbacks you have had. This CD can help you bring about that change.

Some of the other subjects discussed in this audio are –

  • Do you know what the single most important lesson from personal development is? And do you know that a single lesson may well be all the difference between a lifetime of winning and a lifetime of losing?


  • What are the three steps to avoiding a lifetime of defeat and having a lifetime of success instead?


  • Do you understand the three main types of goal that can be set?


  • Are realistic and achievable goals really the best type of goals to set?


  • Goals for the complete person. What should you consider?


  • I explain an easy goal setting exercise for you choose your goals and it may bring to light some important new goals that you were not expecting!


  • Why must you always write your goals down?


  • Why must you keep your goals dominant in your thoughts and how can you be sure to do that?


  • The Harvard Goals Survey. I look at the truth about it.


  • Why meditate? And what is actually happening when we meditate?


  • I talk through the achievers day.


  • I explain how you can make your affirmations extra powerful.


I do not demand in this CD that you do everything a certain way. I talk through all kinds of options for you to decide the best way forward for you. And I show you how reaching your goals can be a fun thing to do.

It’s often been said that when you truly set your mind on success, the right people, places and events and so on, will show up to help you on your way. Many people believe this to be true, so what you are reading now may very well be part of the right people, places and events for your journey. After all what is a seminar, or for that matter a self help book or audio? Well for many, it is the extra little bit of knowledge, information or encouragement that makes all the difference. So with that in mind this CD may well be where your dreams become goals and then become your realities.

You should be able to have all the things in life that you desire and live the life you want. Then you will not find yourself living with the dull aching pain of un-fulfillment.

Become a professional goal setter, an individual with a laser beam focus. Such a person always gets everything that they are seeking.

It’s time to take action.

So buy this CD now!

Invest in yourself.

Invest in your future.

Consider the cost of this CD; then consider the real cost of not reaching your goals in life.

Become a professional goal setter.


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