The Strangest Secret. By Earle nightingale.


I can clearly remember the first time that I heard The Strangest Secret by Earle Nightingale. I was playing an audio book while travelling on a long car journey and The Strangest Secret was attached as an extra free part at the end of it. It got my attention straight away, I realised at once that this is one of the greats of personal development.

The Strangest Secret was first available as an audio, on an LP (long player record) around forty years ago and became the first personal development audio to reach a gold disc. You can still get the audio version today. The truths of Earl Nightingale’s message are timeless and worth remembering.

In the Strangest Secret, Earle Nightingale talks at length about goal setting and the meaning of the word – success. He talks about success and failure; pointing out how a person can arrive at each. Goal setting leads to success; lack of any goal or direction in life to failure.

Goal setting and something to aim for, to live for and to get out of bed in the morning for, is not just for our own selfish wants, but it is the way to happiness and fulfilment. Without goals or a destination, we drift through life, we get upset and confused when the twist and turns of life do not go our way.

Set goals and live the life that you were truly put on this earth to live, let the rest have second best. Set yourself goals for health, wealth and happiness; then get working towards those goals each and every day.

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