This poem demonstrates the law of giving and receiving.

 I launched a smile; far out it sailed
On life’s wide troubled sea.
And many more than I could count
came sailing back to me.

I clasped a hand while whispering,
“The clouds will melt away.”
I felt my life was very blessed
All through the hours that day.

I sent a thought of happiness
Where it was needed sore,
And very soon thereafter, found
Joy added to my store.

I wisely shared my slender hoard,
Toil-earned coins of gold;
But presently it flowed right back.
Increased a hundredfold.

I helped another climb a hill,
A little thing to do:
And yet it brought a rich reward,
A friendship that was new.

I think each morning when I rise,
Of how I may achieve,
I know by serving I advance,
By giving I receive.

By Thomas Gaines

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