Give some thought to your thoughts. There is an old saying that –

If you think that you can – then you will.
If you think that you can not – then you will not.

You see, like it or not it is a self fulfilling prophecy, what we think, believe and expect, will come to pass. Everything in our lives right now, in some way or another, is a reflection of our thoughts of the past and present.

Each person really must be master of their own thoughts. When we allow thoughts to be entertained in our minds that are not in line with what we are truly seeking, then we are weakening the goals that we are pursuing. The worst type of thoughts to be entertaining are negative thoughts, it takes effort, but negative thoughts must be expelled as soon as you notice them creeping in. To do this is actually a very simple thing to do; simply replace the negative thought with a positive thought of what it is that you truly want in life or think of some memory, a memory that makes you happy each time that you think about it.

It is not easier to be negative than positive. It is just the preferred way of thinking for so many, either by choice or habit.

When we are positive, then we have at our disposal more creativity, clarity of thought, we can see opportunity clearer, not to mention calmness and happiness; negativity actually has nothing going for it.

Give some thought to your thoughts and always try to keep them positive.

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