Thoughts become things. Law of attraction


“Thoughts are things and powerful things at that, when mixed with a definite purpose, persistence and a burning desire for their translation into riches, or other material objects.” Napoleon Hill wrote that in his famous book “Think and grow rich” (Note the word “Think” in the title) in the introduction to chapter one. Napoleon Hill knew what he was talking about after a lifetime of studying success and achievement.

The reality that you believe in is the reality that you live in.

The reality that you believe in is the reality that you live in. We shape our lives and the world around us with our thoughts. Remember that old saying “be careful what you wish for” it still holds true. Be very careful what you wish for because your thoughts are powerful things indeed and will lead to tangible things in the world around you.

When we know and really understand the great power of our thoughts, the only conclusion we can reach is that each person’s thoughts must be totally in line with what they want in life. Also each person’s thoughts must be positive; never allow yourself the luxury of a negative thought. A negative thought must be a luxury for the cost of them is too high.

Thoughts become things because of the Law of attraction, like attracts like, as within – so without, we become what we think about. However you want to put it, if you do not like your current reality and you truly want to change it, start by looking at your thoughts and the beliefs that accompany them.

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