Three mile run

I was out and about at six o’clock this morning. A great time of day, nice and quiet, before the rush of the day has started. I am still a little new to jogging, in fact to be honest I walked for one mile out of the three, but compare to when I started some time back, when half a mile felt like torture, I now run much better and with greater ease compared to when I first started. Oh how repetition, repetition, repetition, improves any task, just doing it, doing it, doing it. But one thing I like when out and about running is to be alone in your thoughts. Thinking as I run with very little to distract me helps to bring my ideas into clarity and order. Meditation is a secret of success for many people. It takes many forms; it can be a deep trance like state or just to be alone in your thoughts when – walking the dog, laying in the bath, listening to relaxing music or just jogging like me. So some quiet time will serve you well.
Tony Brassington

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