Tony Brassington; Mind and Achievement.

Tony Brassington; Mind and Achievement.

So how did Tony Brassington come to set up Mind and Achievement? I have always been very driven and motivated. I have always set big goals as well as having a very strong entrepreneurial spirit which has led me to many accomplishments.

My life changed forever one day, a few years back when I bought my first personal development audio cassette. I did not know it that day, that week or that month, but when I look back now, I clearly see that for me it was a defining moment, a life changing day. It eventually dawned on me that I should teach this wonderful and exciting subject of personal development, in a seminar form as well as creating my own audio books on the subject and I have worked constantly to this end. After many years of studying self help and personal development in very great depth I found myself ready in January 2011 to set up Mind and Achievement Ltd to take my ideas to their fruition.

Specialties of Tony Brassington and Mind and Achievement.


Positive thinking, I believe that it is the single most important lesson from personal development.

Goal setting and goal attraction, showing how to manifest all the way from an idea to the complete end result of your own choosing.

The language of success. I described the importance of the words that we use in speech and thought and their impact on a person’s life and success.

Meditation. What is behind it, how does it work? And what benefits can it bring?

“All this and more, set your mind right and the achievement will soon follow.

Tony Brassington.


The first mind and Achievement audio book by Tony Brassington is now available, The professional goal setter.

Tony Brassington; Mind and Achievement.

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Tony Brassington; Mind and Achievement.

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