Tony Brassington video – The Greatest Fortune Teller in the World

The Greatest Fortune Teller

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Amazon book description – Oriana is drifting through life without much thought. When she drifts into the tent of ‘The Greatest Fortune Teller in the World’, she draws two tarot cards from the pack, The Fool and The Magician. Oriana accidentally breaks the fortune teller’s crystal ball before being told what the significance of these two cards will be in her life. This seemingly insignificant event sets into motion a chain of far reaching events she could never have imagined. Oriana’s old school mate Cerys joins her for a long weekend in the city of Bath to catch up on old times. In their childhood they were like two peas in a pod, now in many ways they are worlds apart, but their friendship is as strong as ever. Cerys is a self-made millionaire and in every way a walking, talking model of success. She has a new daily affirmation to help her attract a new love into her life, and Cerys wants a big diamond stone too. She knows what she wants in life and by working with the interconnecting laws of the universe, how to get it. Anything life can throw at Cerys, she can handle with ease, whereas Oriana is blown around by the winds of fate. Their long weekend together will be truly unforgettable for both of them and a real life changer; full of unexpected twists and turns. By the end of the weekend Oriana will understand completely the full meaning of the tarot cards she chose, The Fool and The Magician

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