Visual prompts around your home, car or place of work


Visual prompts around your home, or place of work. Now it does not matter whether it is in words, initials of, or picture form, so long as you can relate to it. e.g. if your Goal is a Boat, then you could use the word Boat, the initial B or a picture of the boat that you want. Then surround yourself with many visual prompts –

• On your PC. Screen saver / wallpaper.
• On your Phone. Screen saver / wallpaper.
• Paper on the fridge held in place by fridge magnets.
• Get a mug printed.
• Get a T shirt print printed.
• When you are doodling with a pen, write the word, initial or draw a picture.

There are so many ways to do this when you think about it.

Tony Brassington.

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