What Are The Metaphysical Laws That You Must Know?



There are actually many Metaphysical laws that relate to success and some have a great deal in common with each other. To keep it simple and effective, the main Law that you must know and the one that will help you with your goals the most is the Law of Attraction. I have written so much about the importance of dominant thoughts and when you understand the Law of Attraction you can see why we must be in control of our dominant thoughts.

Law of Attraction.
We use thoughts and feelings to control our emotions. What we send out into the world in the form of your thoughts, feelings and our emotions, will in some form or another, sooner or later come back to us. Our thoughts and feeling work in unison together each influencing the other; it is with our thoughts and feelings that we attract to us, people, places and events in line with our thoughts and feelings. It is a double edge swore that cuts both ways, for us or against us, depending on whether our dominant thoughts are positive or negative.

Mental movies work in the same way by using our thoughts, feeling and emotions to empower that mental movie, we then attract it towards us.

Many people have written about thought vibration, people like – William Walker Atkinson, Napoleon Hill, and many others. The belief is that our thoughts produce a vibration which flows from us just like a radio wave. It works in a very similar way to radio waves; the strength of a radio wave is measured by its length and wattage. In a similar way our dominant thoughts could be measured by the ratio of their, constancy, intensity and power. Think of someone on a far off island with a radio set waiting to receive a radio signal from you, that person will only receive a radio signal if you send it with enough wattage to go the distance and you send out that message for a long enough time or at regular intervals. The same is true with thought vibration; you need to send out a clear message and consistently send it out. A weak signal will not do it and sending out mixed and confused signals will defiantly not do it. The Law of Attraction requires you to send out, clear, consistent and positive signals. So take some notice of your thoughts, feelings and emotions; notice their quality (positive or Negative) notice the emotional quality, the depth of your feeling, then ask yourself what kind of signals am I sending out?

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