What is – A Goal?


A goal is a dream that you have committed to bringing into reality.

A goal can be something small the means a lot to you personally, although it might not appear to be much in the sight of the world, but if you want it, then you pursue it.

A goal is the future.

A goal is a vision of your future, a vision that you intend to reach.

A goal is something that will enrich your life in some way; it will be a pleasure to pursue and a delight to reach.

A goal might be a big goal something that will take a great deal to time and effort to reach, maybe a lifetime in some cases.

A goal is progression.

A goal needs to be coupled up to a strong burning desire and also coupled up to a very strong and clear mental picture of that achieved goal; how it will look, feel, your emotions when you achieve it, add all the detail that you can.

A goal is you growing as a person as to pursue it, growing in skills, knowledge and character.

A goal is something that the crowd will not set. Something like 95% or more will not set them and as forfeit they follow the crowd, go with the flow and get the average result; which is usually to complain about how bad and unfair life is.

A goal adds to your uniqueness.

A goal must always be pursued in good spirits, at piece with the world and not causing any unfairness to others.

The ultimate aim of any goal should be to add to your happiness.

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