Why are the goals that I seek so elusive?


So many people find that, try as they might; their goals keep on eluding them. Many times I have heard a person say that “I am doing everything that the self-helps books and Guru’s tell me to do, but still my goals are no closer to me”.
So why are some goals so elusive for many people, despite all their efforts?

Often the problem is that they –

They say it.
They think it.
Then they contradict it!

They say it. If you ask them, they can say exactly what it is that they want. Having a clear well defined goal is very important when it come to achieving goals.

They think it. All day long they think about their goal. Again, this is excellent when it comes to goal attraction.

Then they contradict it! This is where the problems start for so many goal setters.

Think a about your goal for a moment, then pause for a moment.

How did you feel as you thought about your goal? Were you calm, happy and confident that you will very soon reach your goal. Shortly after thinking about your goal, what was your next thought? If it was a slightly low feeling or you said something to yourself like – “That will be the day”, “I don’t know when, if ever, that will happen”, or ”One day in years to come when I am a lot older”. If you said to yourself something along those lines then you may have a problem when it comes to achieving your goal in good time.
The point is that you must not contradict your goals by feeling low or talking them down. It is positive energy that will propel you towards your goals. Negativity no matter how subtle it might be or innocent it appears to be, will slow down your progress towards your goals or bring your progress to a complete halt.

Be positive at all times and admit nothing negative or contradictory into your mind in any way.

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